We are a family.

Sutters Quality Food is a family owned business that began as a chicken egg farm in the early 1960’s. The Farm known then as Sutter’s Poultry Farm began bringing eggs to restaurants in the Sarasota Florida area. We purchased the farm in 1998 and grew the business by adding more products and changing the name to Sutter’s Quality Foods.

We view this business as more than just selling products at a fair price. It is our vision and goal with this business to make a positive difference in people’s lives. We offer local dairy items, orange juice, high quality eggs that don’t run all over the grill, and award winning cheeses, etc. to many quality restaurants and markets along Florida’s west coast.

Quality tasty food is good, however, what makes it better is when it is delivered by friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated staff that care about people. A good company may have quality products but it takes an exceptional company to care about the people they interact with.  

All the people we interact with are important, from staff to customer to vendors. You are important to us, and we care about you!

Bill Yoder

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